About us....

Holme Village Pre-school is located in the small village of Holme, near Yaxley, Sawtry, Conington and Glatton and found south of Peterborough.  The Pre-school operates from the Village Hall, where we have two large rooms and a dedicated large outside play area. Staff change the activities available to the children throughout the day and as well as giving the children the ability to choose what they would like to play with they will also put together specific activities to help the children with their different learning intentions.














The outside play area has a huge sandpit that the children love to get into with their shoes off, there are trikes and bikes, water tables, balls and exercise equipment, a large blackboard, a water and music wall, a stage for performing, a dedicated garden area and a natural zone including a quiet story area and mud kitchen.  The children have free access to the outside area at all times, outdoor learning and experience is a core focus and children will often spend all day outside.


We are proud of the high ratio of adults to children in our Pre-school. This ensures individual attention to the needs and development of each child.   We know that all children learn and develop in different ways, and we ensure that within our provision we provide good quality experiences for all children including children with special education needs and disabilities.  We work within the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework to support a child’s individual development pathway. There is a planned curriculum tailored to the needs of each individual child and each child is allocated a key worker when starting at Pre-school. This key worker will structure each child’s curriculum to ensure their needs are being met, track their progress and work with the parents on their development.


We also work to prepare our children when moving to primary school, by means of appropriate play activities such as PE sessions to help the children  develop their independence. We also have a programme in place with Holme Church of England School to prepare the children for transition including visits to “big school”, using their facilities such as the field, watching their play rehearsals and story time .


Who we are...


Laura - Pre-school Manager 

Kelly  - Pre-school Deputy Manager 
Katie – Pre-school Deputy Manager

Sue– Pre-school Practitioner 

Michelle – Pre-school Practitioner 


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.