Holme Village Pre-school Committee

Holme Village Pre-school is run by a voluntary committee of parents and carers.  The Committee is responsible for setting pre-school's policies, managing and engaging staff, fundraising and organising social events. It is not responsible for day-to-day operations: that responsibility lies with the staff.

The Committee meets monthly, in the evenings usually from 7pm onwards at a member's house.  The way we run ourselves as a committee is governed by our Constitution which is on the notice board.

Being a member of the pre-school committee is an enjoyable and worthwhile experience, giving you as a parent/ carer a greater involvement in the vitally important early stages of your child/children's education.

If you think you may like to join the committee at any stage in the year, please contact any committee member or email committee@holmevillagepre-school.org.uk

Our Annual General Meeting is held in the Autumn term and this is when the committee for the following year is elected.  Parents/ carers will be informed in good time so they are able to attend.

Good communication between the Committee and staff is crucial to the smooth running of Pre-school and so at least one member of staff attends each Committee meeting.  One Committee member (currently the chair) is designated as staff liaison officer and meets regularly with staff to discuss curricular planning, up and coming events and any problems that might occur.

Policies & Procedures

Running a pre-school requires planning and that is governed by our Policies & Procedures and Operational Plan which are reviewed annually with regard to OFSTED recommendations and with help from the Pre-school Learning Alliance (PLA).  Holme Village Pre-school is a member of the PLA, which is a support network that provides all registered pre-schools with help and advice for all areas of work - from planning children's activities to writing business plans.  All policies and procedures are written and reviewed annually with input from staff and parents.

Pre-school's Policies and Procedures are very important because they make clear for committee members, staff, volunteers and parents, the principles which pre-school works towards achieving. Our Policies and Procedures aim to reflect OFSTED's national standards whilst serving as a constant reminder of the standards our pre-school is working to achieve.

Listed below is the full list of Holme Village Pre-school’s policies and procedures which are all available to view in detail in the pre-school setting.

Click here to view our Policies and Procedures

Operational Plan

The Operational Plan is the business plan of Holme Village Pre-school which details our medium, short and long-term aims and objectives as well as our day to day practice.  It includes the policies and procedures, fundraising plans and strategies devised to protect Holme Village Pre-school as a going concern.



Raising funds for Holme Village Pre-school is a vitally important part of the Committee's work. Holme Village Pre-school's running costs are covered by fees and government grants.

Any equipment and resources we need such as toys, books and computers are paid from funds raised by the Committee.

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